Is New Construction The Way To Go?

Right now, inventory is picking up, but there’s still not enough supply to meet demand. With buyers fighting it out over limited homes, many have turned towards new construction for a variety of reasons.

Here are some reasons you might consider building new.

  • You aren’t competing with 25 other buyers, paying 20K+ over asking, waiving an inspection, and making a decision based on a 15 min walkthrough! When you buy new construction, you pay an advertised price on a lot and building that are available. Bonus: no long negotiations!
  • Everything is nice and new. No old toenail clippings in the carpet or crayon artwork in a bedroom closet.
  • A new construction home will be extremely energy efficient right down to the appliances.
  • Modern floor plans are built for today’s lifestyles. A home that is 60 years old was built for different times and will likely lack features that are popular now (open living spaces, large closets, and bathrooms, etc) and may need extensive updating (goodbye, shag carpet!)
  • Replacing and repairing big ticket items such as heating, AC, the roof, plumbing, and electrical are part of owning an older home. In a new home, these expenses are pushed way, way down the road. Statistically, it is likely that you will sell the home before needing to replace them.
  • New construction comes with all kinds of warranties on the structure and major systems!
  • If you are building your new home from scratch, you will have control over how your new home looks. Depending on the builder, it could also just be picking out your countertops, flooring, paint, and appliances.
  • Building new gives you the chance to put your finishing touches on your home. Without having to find your own contractors and being inconvenienced by fixing up an older home.

Want to search for new construction homes in the Twin Cities, Southeast Minnesota, and Western Wisconsin? Search floor plans, builders, communities, and more here!

Or, check out our New Construction Home Buyer Guide on

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