Open House Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts!

Your neighbor’s house is finally for sale and they are having an open house on Saturday. You’ve always wanted to see the inside of their home…now is your chance, right? Just show up at the open house and check it out? Hold on a minute…is that…okay?

Open houses are designed to allow the general public to view a home without needing to schedule a private showing. While open houses do get a lot of curious neighbors and very casual browsers, they are designed to attract serious potential buyers and agents. Whether you’re a serious buyer or just simply curious about the inside of a home, you should know how open houses work and that yes, you can attend them…just be sure to follow proper open house etiquette!

Find upcoming open houses near you!

  • DO Be honest. Open houses can be hosted by the listing agent, the homeowner (if it’s for sale by owner), or an agent hoping to find potential buyer clients for this or similar homes. If you’re already working with an agent or if you have no interest in actually buying, be honest. It’s okay to say you are an agent or neighbor just checking the home out.
  • DO Remove your shoes if requested.
  • DO Sign in if necessary or requested; this is a safety issue for the seller and their agent.
  • DO Ask if you can take pictures or video before doing so.
  • DO Respect other potential buyers that may be there at the same time. Wait for them to exit a room before entering.
  • DO Avoid talking badly about the property and items within it. Save your criticism of the home or home decor for when you are no longer on the property. You could be overheard, or, while it’s illegal, there are homeowners who do have recording devices in their homes.
  • DON’T Touch the owner’s belongings. This includes sitting on their furniture.
  • DON’T Let kids run around without supervision.
  • DON’T Bring food or beverages to an open house
  • DON’T Reveal information that would compromise your negotiating power, like your budget or level of interest in the home.
  • DON’T Bring pets
  • DON’T Be shy! Ask the agent questions

Find upcoming open houses near you!

Until next week! Have a wonderful weekend and let me know if I can help you in any way 🙂

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