You Should Move to Wisconsin. Here’s Why.

Just across the Mississippi (or St. Croix north of Prescott/Hastings) is an entirely different state where they love beer, cheese, and of course the Packers. Okay, okay, not ALL Wisconsinites or Cheeseheads as they also are called, love all of those things because a lot of them are actually Minnesotans that moved across the river and never looked back. The culture and vibe is different. The homes are often more affordable. There’s less red tape when it comes to construction. And did you know Wisconsin claims to have MORE lakes than Minnesota???? Think a move to the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi is for you? Read more and find out!

Leaving the land of 10,000 lakes for Wisconsin isn’t a particularly intimidating one. Realistically, the Twin Cities, Red Wing, Winona, Stillwater are all just across the border. Even Rochester is only an hour from the border. So the move can be done in a weekend easily. But WHY would you consider living in Wisconsin….let’s look at some reasons I personally think make Western Wisconsin an excellent option to call home!

Rural, small river town vibe. All along the Mississippi on the Minneosta side you do have plenty of small towns for sure. BUT, you also have the Twin Cities, Stillwater, Hastings, Red Wing, Winona. On the Wisconsin side, there really isn’t much from Hudson down to La Crosse except adorable little historic river town after adorable little river town. And they are close enough if you need a Target run or large hospital, you aren’t too far.

Alma, WI

It’s arguably prettier. Have you ever driven the Great River Road, America’s longest and oldest National Scenic Byway? It’s filled with scenic overlooks, museums, historical sites and more along the 10-state route that follows the Mississippi River starting from Minnesota and down to the Gulf of Mexico. There are 250 miles along Wisconsin on State Highway 35. The entire route is marked by a green & white pilot’s wheel and National Scenic Byway signs. It’s a gorgeous drive through a lot of adorable little towns. There’s even an app for the drive!

The homes are more affordable. Americans spend more on housing than any other expense, with an average of 35% of income dedicated to housing costs. Homeownership allows households to invest a portion of that money into a tangible asset that appreciates over time. So being able to buy a home for less (or more home for the same amount of money) is a huge perk of moving to Wisconsin. The median home price in MN is $323,515 compared to WI at $251,655 (as of 2022). Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

The cost of living is less. This includes healthcare as well! Here’s the data on this point. But basically, your money goes farther in Wisconsin!

Income tax is lower in Wisconsin. Here’s the numbers to back it up!

Sooooooooo, if you think a move to Wisconsin might be in your future, here’s a couple final links to help you with your decision 🙂

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