Spring Cleaning

It’s not just good for your home…a fresh, clean start is also good for your health, finances, mind, and soul (and it’s a good workout too!)

The weather in Minnesota and Wisconsin is warming up and it’s time to open the windows (before the mosquitos and humidity makes us shut them again and fire up the ac units), put away the holiday decorations (seriously, it’s time), and get rid of some physical and emotional junk that clutters our lives.

It’s good for your HOUSE. Declutter and donate anything you haven’t touched in a year or more. I love to take the opportunity while spring cleaning to rearrange a few pieces of furniture and maybe replace a few throw pillows, comforter, or add a new shelf or two to make my home feel renewed. Oh and….If more than half of your kitchen counters are covered with “stuff” and you really can’t declutter them much more, lets talk about getting you into a newer, bigger home…I know an agent 😁🤣

It’s good for your HEALTH. Cleaning your home involves moving your body. After all, you can’t get under your stove and behind the couch without a little effort. Put on some energizing music, comfortable workout clothes, and get to work.

Do you know how old your makeup is? What about that box of Fruit Loops and canned peas in your kitchen cupboard? Probably old….so check expiration dates and toss anything that has gone bad and could make you sick.

If you have allergies, you will benefit from a freshly cleaned house. Consider hiring a maid service to come out and dust, sweep, and mop if stirring up layers of dust are likely to trigger an attack. Carpet cleaning and even ductwork cleaning may be beneficial to your lungs.

It’s good for your FINANCES. It’s more than just the tax write off you will get for donating bags of clothes you cleaned out of your closet. It’s shredding unnecessary files, organizing the stack of papers on your desk, reviewing your subscriptions, making sure you have paid off any holiday debt and committing to buying less stuff you need to toss next year when you deep clean your house.

Its good for your MIND and SOUL. Spring cleaning gives you a sense of control. A fresh look at the same things. Soul searching on how many purses or tools you really need. Tidying up can be a very tangible goal, and people achieve feelings of accomplishment after meeting goals. Whether it’s cleaning out the closet, donating unused clothing to a local charity or emptying out the kitchen of recyclables, these experiences make us feel accomplished and thus motivate us to continue achieving other related goals in an effort to achieve similar positive feelings. Lastly, a good spring cleaning tradition is ritualistic, proven by science to improve your stress levels and emotional wellbeing (it feels really, really good to have control of your environment!)

So get to work, Southeast Minnesota! Until next time!


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