It’s….Cabin Time!

Your own private getaway…are you ready for your second home away from home?

In Minnesota, particularly in more urban/suburban areas, we all know someone that goes “up north” for vacation. Getting away from regular life for a few days is good for your mind, body, and soul (unless you are traveling with small kids, and in that case, it is just more work with a better view🤣). Sure you can spend a few hundred $$$ and hop on a plane and head to Florida or Arizona every time you want to get out of town, but with a second home 2-3 hours away, deciding on Thursday night to go away for the weekend is a no-brainer.

When you hear the word “cabin”, you are likely thinking about a rustic one-room wooden shack that is free from most modern conveniences, but think again! Today’s “cabins” are built to be used in all 4 seasons with full kitchens and every other amenity you could think of. And going “up north” isn’t your only option when it comes to a second home. Southeast Minnesota has so many ideal locations for a second home, particularly along the Mississippi River.

Reasons to Own A Second Home in MN (or Western WI)

Personal Enjoyment – Instead of paying for airfare, hotels, and a rental car, you can load up your car for a weekend or longer and drive to your own property. It’s decorated the way you want. You know where to park. You know where the nearest Dollar General in town is. You don’t need to worry that the front desk is going to call and tell you to turn down your tv or charge you $50/night for your dog.

Long-Term Investment – Investing in real estate is a solid, and popular investment strategy.

Year-Round Enjoyment – What’s great about the midwest is that we have all 4 seasons. With a second home, you can go ice fishing in January, spend lazy summer days on the dock in July, go deer hunting in October and spend the Holidays with family around the fireplace.

Additional Storage – That’s right! It’s your house so store your toys where you use them instead of dragging them around. Snowmobiles, ski equipment, your boat, boxes of porcelain dolls your great-grandma left you 3 years ago when she died…a second home means lots of extra space!

Income – When you aren’t using your cabin, consider making it into an income-producing property. Some cabins depending on their location rent for over 10K a month!

Short Driving Distance – This is the best part of having a second home nearby. Impromptu vacations are easy to throw together. If an emergency comes up, it’s not a major financial loss to come back home and resume your vacation later on. If you want to check on your property, you can do it in a few hours.

Multi-Generational Gatherings – Many families keep the same family cabin for decades, passing it on down the line. Memories are made, traditions are kept, and offering use of it up for the weekend makes for a great gift for your newly wed cousin.

Till next week, my friends!

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