Hurry Up, Spring!

I need winter ❄️over now. You too? I mean, the holiday season is great, but after January first, I am DONE with cold, dry air. If winter could end now and spring could hurry up, that would be GREAT. My family has forgotten what I look like outside of a being wrapped in a wearable blanket since mid-October. And honestly, I just want to open up my windows and have fresh air in the house after months of being trapped indoors.

As much as I love worrying about slipping on ice, getting static shocks when I pet the dog 🐶, paying a crazy high utility bill, and freezing my face off just going to the mailbox, it’s time to break up with winter. But here’s my REAL reason I want winter over….bring on…THE SPRING MARKET!!!!!!

This winter there has been the worst inventory in years. The graph below shows two key things. First, inventory (# homes for sale) spikes when its warmer out and dips in Jan to the low for that year. Second, we have less than half a million homes for sale in the US right now….wow!!!!!

Right now the ONLY people selling their homes either have to (because who wants to move in this?) or know that they can get mega $$$ (and have some place to live) because they are the only home on the market and buyers can get a *little* crazy in bidding wars. Once 🌻 spring time 🌸rolls around, any day now, there will be a flood of new homes on the market and buyers will still step out in droves.

Sooooo….when does spring begin? How much longer must us freeze babies, buyers, and real estate agents endure this blistering cold and quiet market? Well, March 20 is the first day of spring for most people while March 1 is the first day of spring for meteorologists. Why do we recognize two different dates for seasons? Yahoo Weather video is actually super interesting for you science geeks (like me).

What is it about spring when it comes to real estate shopping anyway? Well, ask any agent 💁 you know and it’s “always” a good time to buy or sell. Duh. Rates are good, less competition, etc…there are always pros and cons to why now is the best or worst. But buyer, this graphic below is for you-What IS the best time of year to buy a house?

Have a great week, hang in there, and we will be ONE WEEK CLOSER to spring next week!

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