Is Moving Worth The Headache?

This morning I was thinking about moving, what an insanely huge amount of work it can be, and how I personally don’t like to live in one place for long. Do you get restless living in the same place for more than 5-7 years? Data shows most American’s do move every 7 or so on average. I can agree it doesn’t make sense to move all the time. There is the expense of selling, buying, paying for moving, plus missed work and time setting up new mailing addresses, utilities etc. If you move far you are changing jobs, changing schools….

Most everyone I know has lived in or near the same town/city (certainly State) for decades, although to be fair, the pandemic changed a lot of “normal” when it came to housing even for those who stay in place until their 30 year mortgage is paid off. If you were happy with your home in 2019 when you had a gym and job to go to but 2020 forced you to create a home office, home gym, or even a homeschooling spot, you probably noticed interest rates were down, your home value was way up AND your house was suddenly WAY too small. Even those that were not considering moving were thinking, hmmmm.

There are so many reasons WHY people move – New job, ready to own a home, health reasons, downsizing, school, etc…and some people move because they get bored. Here’s a list of common reasons American’s move:

From a personal perspective, I get restless in the same home after about 5 years. Long before I was in real estate, my family moved alot. Dad was in the military so we moved every 3-4 years. I moved to MN when I was 16. He retired and my parents have been in the same home since the mid-90’s. They are over it. Not moving ever again they say. I moved a good 10-12 times since then. I’d say I’m good at it. Probably too good at it. I can pack up everything my family owns and have a home clean and empty in a day. And I’m one of those people who just gets bored after a few years. A new home is exciting after all!

Is moving worth the headache for you? What would be the most likely reason you would make the decision to change where you call home?

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