Black Houses: Thoughts on This Hot Trend

In the last few years I’ve been noticing a lot of new homes going up and a fair number of them are painted entirely in black. An unusual sight in the suburbs where every house on my block (except ours) is some shade of beige or blue/gray. My first take on seeing these modern looking black houses was, wow. That’s badass.

Typical Minnesota Suburban Neighborhood
Stylish and unique curb appeal with a black exterior

What’s great about black exteriors is that it makes a unique and edgy impact on your curb appeal. And adding a brightly colored front door or bold and bright flower pots are the icing on the cake. An all black house looks modern, sleek, and stylish.

But this trend doesn’t stop with exteriors. Our guitar player in our band Thick as Thieves owns a busy painting business in the Twin Cities and he told us black interiors are definitely hot right now. As a Realtor® I can confirm I’m seeing more and more black accents within homes as the gray everything trend is FINALLY starting to die. (Can you tell how I feel about gray interiors? LOL)

My husband wasn’t crazy about it at first…but warmed up to the idea enough that he let me paint a few walls in our house a flat black. Now we are both fans of this trend.

Black interiors work with all kinds of tile and flooring

Black stairs are gorgeous

Give new life to brick by painting it…you guessed it…black!

Black bedrooms…great for sleeping!

But not everyone loves the black paint trend. In fact, painting your house black before you sell it may be a turn off to potential buyers who prefer a neutral style. I’m curious what your thoughts are? Is this trend that won’t last that we will come to regret years from now? Is black too morbid and “Addams Family”? Here are some articles I found interesting on the subject:

On Trend: Bold and Black Exterior House Color

Should You Paint Your House Black?

The Eerie Rise of Black Houses in the Burbs and Beyond: Do You Dare Try It?

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