The PERFECT Flooring Exists…Depending on Your Budget and Goals

Just last month our 13 year old Husky passed away 😭. During her last few months she had lost control of her bladder and our decade old carpeting was barely hanging on to life thanks to being shampooed every other day. With Aspen in doggie heaven👼, it was time to bring our house up to date and replace the tired, stained, beige carpet that had survived 7 kids and 3 large dogs. So today, I’m going to discuss the options you have if you are considering new flooring in your home!

Aspen Snow Dog

The floor is the largest surface in your home and picking the best type of flooring depends on your budget, lifestyle, and personal tastes. Each type of flooring has its own unique benefits so determining which flooring is best depends on each room’s needs and location. Popular flooring options include wood, engineered flooring materials, vinyl, tile and carpet. Take a look at the graphic below comparing the most common options:

In the end, we chose LVP. It looks great, is available in endless colors/patterns, is easy to install over tile and other flat surfaces, and easy to remove if you decide to remodel.  The biggest selling point is that it is waterproof, less expensive and faster and easier to install than wood or tile. It works in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry rooms as well as living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and anywhere in the house except for stairs. So with pet’s and kids and our budget, LVP was the way to go for us! See our before and after below:

👆👆👆Goodbye carpet and hello LVP flooring! We did our entire main level and kitchen in this gorgeous barnwood pattern relatively easy (for me, I watched my husband and step son do it).

What about maintaining your new flooring? Here’s a few essentials I recommend! For electric mops that work on any kind of smooth (not carpet) flooring, check out these:

For carpeting, check out these great tools:

That’s it for this week! What flooring did you install in your last remodel? I’d love to know why you chose what you did and how it turned out!

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