Welcome to the Southeast MN Homes Blog!

Hello my fellow Southeast Minnesotans! Welcome to my very first blog post!

⚠ A disclaimer first. I’m not a lover of writing. Reading yes, writing, not so much. So if I ramble on and on in my posts please excuse my lack of talent in the writing department; particularly in the area of getting to the point. 🙂

So, the super fast introduction is something like this: My name is Ann M Huddock. I’ve lived in the Twin Cities Southeast Metro since 1994. I moved here when I was 16 (don’t do the math, I’m old) and I’ve since settled with kids and dogs and all that good stuff. I have been a hairstylist, doula, and restaurant/coffee shop manager for most of my adult life. Currently I am the lead singer of the local MN rock cover band Thick as Thieves.

I took the opportunity early on in the pandemic to make the leap into real estate. NO REGRETS. I love it. In 2020 I got my MN and WI real estate licenses. In 2021 I also became a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and a MN Licensed Closing Agent and Notary. 

My area of focus is southeast Minnesota from the Twin Cities south metro all the way down to well, here’s a map…

Southeast Minnesota Map

📢 Shameless plug: If you live in of these counties (or want to live in one of them), I’d love to help you with your home-buying, selling, or refinancing.
Website: www.southeastMNhomes.com
Call or Text: 952-607-5366

All right my friends! Until next week, stay warm, stay healthy, and be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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